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Check out the latest goings on at Preco, we're constantly updating our product line, issuing new literature, conducting promotions and driving innovation in our industry. Check back often to keep up to date with the latest Preco news.

Tue 12, May 2015

New Oval LED Worklamps

Preco’s feature packed PW2540 Series worklamps offer flood and spot beams with over 1,500 effective lumens from just four 10-watt LEDs. Other features include 12-24 VDC operation, aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens, and a 3-year warranty. Select from either spot (PW2540) or flood (PW2541) beams.

Tue 12, May 2015

New Square, Heavy Duty LED Worklamps

Introducing the PW2530 Series worklamp. These new high-output, heavy-duty worklamps feature eight 10-watt LEDs that produce nearly 4,000 effective lumens of light intensity. Other features include 12-24VDC operation, aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens, and a 3-year warranty. Don’t let the heavy-duty stainless steel mounting bracket fool you. Sure, it can withstand the toughest environments, but it articulates, too, to give you the flexibility to send the beam just where you need it. These lights are ideal for many low-visibility applications and are available in either flood (PW2531) or spot (PW2530) beam.

Tue 03, March 2015

New SRS™ Multi-frequency Alarms Available

Preco's SRS™ Short Range Sound alarms emit sound at multiple frequencies attenuated above 4000Hz to produce a warning signal that is percieved to dissipate quicker than conventional tonal alarms, reducing noise pollution. Click here for more information.

Thu 12, February 2015

2015 Catalog Available

Inside our latest catalog you will find some major upgrades to our worklamp offering. Most notably we have added two new compact worklamps (PW2020 & PW2570), a high output/heavy duty model (PW2530), magnetic versions of both our popular PW92007 and PW2450 models as well as a high voltage (12-80V) version of the PW92007 that is ideal for material handling applications. In addition we have superseded the E92001, E92003 and E92003 models with upgraded versions featuring newer LED technology and offering greater light intensity.

Download the PDF version of the catalog below or click here to view a flipbook version.

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Thu 03, April 2014

New 5413 and 5411 LED Minibars

The latest additions to Preco's LED minibar line are the 5413 and the ultra-bright 5411. While both models use high intensity LEDs and reflective technology to maximize light output, the 5411 also takes 360° warning to the next level by combining Reflective and TIR Optic modules to provide an intense focused warning signal to the front and rear, as well as wide-angle warning to the corners and sides of the vehicle. Available in various amber or clear configurations in permanent or vacuum-magnet mount, both models meet SAE J845 Class I requirements and include 18 flash patterns and a three-year warranty.

For more information, see the 5413 and 5411 product line pages.

Wed 05, February 2014

New LCD Color Camera System

Preco is pleased to announce the availability of a new LCD color camera system. The K7000BP offers a feature-packed 7.0" LCD high-resolution color monitor with an included sunshade and remote control. Its CMOS color camera has 18 infrared LEDs that deliver excellent picture quality even in low-light conditions, while the sturdy design features IP69K moisture and dust ingress protection. Unobtrusive installation is easy without compromising the viewable screen area and the system is expandable up to two cameras.

For more information, download the product data sheet below or view the product page by clicking here.

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Thu 21, November 2013

2014 Preco Catalog

Inside our latest catalog you will find many great new products. Most notably we have introduced a complete line of worklamps that includes a total of 27 models, 20 of which are LED. All models are available now with the exception of PW2310/11, PW2320/21, PW2440/41 PW2450/51 & PW2510/11 (available in March).

In the warning light category we now offer 7” lens models of our popular LED beacons (available now) and are introducing a new 5411 Series SAE Class I LED minibar that uses both reflective and TIR optics to maximize warning capability all around the vehicle. In addition we are superseding the 5412 Series Minibar with the 5413 model, upgrading it to meet SAE Class I. Please note the new minibars will not be available until March, the existing 5412 model will remain available throughout 2014.

We’re also upgrading our camera system offering to a new kit with 7.0” LCD monitor and CMOS camera (available January), as well as overhauling our line of SRS™ - Short Range Sound back-up alarms by upgrading the heavy-duty housing, adding a light-duty housing and offering a complete range of dB levels (heavy-duty models available now, light-duty models available March).

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Wed 14, August 2013

Preco Launches Extensive Worklamp Line

Preco is proud to introduce an extensive new line of worklamps.  Products include LED, HID and halogen worklamps in a variety of shapes, sizes, mounting options and beam patterns. 

Preco’s LED worklamps offer the latest technology and the very brightest white light for a wide variety of applications, providing over 80,000 hours of maintenance-free life expectancy coupled with extremely low amp draw.  Preco’s HID (Xenon) models provide an extremely intense beam and 2500+ hours of tube life. 

Click here to view detailed information about individual products or click below to download a package of Worklamp Product Data Sheets with detailed information on individual products.

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Thu 25, April 2013

SRS™ Multi-Frequency Alarm Upgrade

Preco's SRS™ multi-frequency back-up alarm line provides a solution to potential noise pollution created by back-up alarms in confined or densely populated work areas by maintaining a safe warning signal for those in the danger zone of backing vehicles while minimizing disturbance to work site neighbors. The alarm operates by emitting sound at multiple frequencies attenuated above 4000Hz so that the sound is perceived to dissipate more quickly than a conventional pure-tone alarm. The alarm is now available in our heavy duty 100 Series housing with either 102dB or 107dB output.

Download the data sheet below or type MF102 or MF107 in the Product Finder for more infromation

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Wed 13, March 2013

SAE Class 3 Industrial Beacon Upgrade

Preco's upgraded 7400 Series LED Beacon now includes updated LEDs and a new heatsink design offering improved light output to meet SAE Class 3 as well as greater vibration resistance. We have also introduced a new version featuring a ½" pipe mount base. With a 12-80V operating range these beacons are ideal for industrial, material handling and electric vehicle applications. At a price point comparable to strobes these beacons feature the latest LED technology including an attention getting Pulse8 flash pattern, low amp draw and a long and maintenance free service life.

For more information type 7414 or 7415 in the product finder or download the product data sheet below.

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